Emergency Telegraph

The ST-ATM-1.A is an electronic system for engine order transfer between the bridge and the engine room using just two communication wires, fully compliant with SOLAS requirements. Designed for panel flush mounting in a 122mm x 122mm rectangular hole, it features a UV-painted polycarbonate front panel with a 2mm aluminum frame and an ABS plastic bottom chassis.

Customizable Design

The ST-ATM-1.A Emergency Telegraph system offers a customizable design, allowing you to tailor order names on the panel to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose whether to include a top field in the design. This customization ensures that the system seamlessly integrates into your operational setup.

Emergency Telegraph

Design and Features

Operating with two identical units, the system's type is set via a dip switch on the device's back. The bridge unit (master) includes isolated VDR communication and an unlocked dimmer. These units are designed for a 24V DC power supply, with safe operation between 7V and 40V, albeit with compromised indications below 16V. A fault relay and indication activate in case of power failure or lack of correct internal communication.


The system features fully isolated communication, allowing units to be powered from different sources. It employs RS485 at 9800bps for high resistance to external interference, with surge protection on all communication lines.