Remote Relay Control System

The ST-PPSG-1.0-16CH is a remote relay control system designed to transmit input states from one location to output states in another, using only 8 wires for 16-channel operation. It features an advanced fail-safe system and output relay controls, making it suitable for safety-critical applications such as emergency shutdown, engine controls, and hydraulic unit controls in industrial environments.

Remote Relay Control System

System Components

This system consists of two key components:

  • Input Board (SGPBB): The main board receives input signals, manages communication, and provides system power. It is built from STEMOR signalization column driver board (SGKP) with an additional baby board mounted on top, extending its operation to 16 channels and featuring 2 x RS485 communication.
  • Output Board (PPSG): The slave board controls 16 individual relays and is powered from the SGPBB.

Operating Parameters

The ST-PPSG-1.0-16CH is designed for a 24VDC power supply. It can safely operate within a voltage range of 17V to 34V, with fault indication occurring if the voltage drops below 18V or rises above 32V (absolute maximum rating is 36V). Inputs are optically isolated and require external power to trigger channels powered from 24VAC/DC. The boards communicate using two independent RS485 lines with power control. Outputs are relay-type (NC, NO, COM) and feature operation indication and control.

Installation and Configuration

The system is intended for installation in an electric cabinet and does not include a chassis. It is delivered with DIN mounting shrouds by default, ensuring ease of integration into your electrical setup.


Approximate cost of the system is . Contact our team for more details.