Navigation Lights Controller

The NCL_V1.2_ST is a microprocessor-controlled device designed for maritime lighting control. It can manage up to 16 outputs. The device provides short-circuit protection and fast electronic safeguards, contributing to the safety and reliability of your vessel's lighting systems. Its modular design allows for easy adaptation to various ship requirements.

Navigation Light Controller

Integration and Compatibility

The NCL_V1.2_ST is engineered for seamless integration into maritime systems. It features Ethernet communication with MODBUS protocol and includes a serial interface (RS232) for external control and debugging. The device is adaptable to various voltage requirements, supporting 24VDC, 24VAC, 115VAC, or 230VAC, making it suitable for different setups.

Convenient Monitoring

The NCL_V1.2_ST system includes an onboard website server, simplifying control, troubleshooting, configuration, and operation monitoring.