STEMOR – kreator kolumn sygnalizacyjnych

Signalization column

Before you create your own column, we invite you to a brief summary of its functionality and technical parameters.

Design and Assembly

ST-KS-1.A is designed to provide visual and acoustic alarm signaling on marine vessels and in other industrial applications. The column fully complies with SOLAS requirements and offers wide customization of audiovisual parameters per customer's requests.

Example signalization column

The modular design of the column allows customized assembly using various signaling modules:

  • Column Driver Board (ST-SGKP-V1.2): This master control board receives input signals and manages communication with subsequent slave devices.
  • Triangle Signal Lamp Control Board (ST-TSKS-V1.2): This PCB controls a single triangle signal lamp installed in the column, which may operate as a standalone device if necessary.
  • Top Flashing Light and Horn Drive Board (ST-SKKS-V1.1): Installed on top of the column, it's equipped with four-color flashing, omnidirectional lights (red, green, white, and yellow) and an acoustic horn driver, terminating the communication line.

The column is designed for easy installation, maintenance, and compatibility.


ST-KS-1.A may be fitted with a maximum of 8 triangle signallers, including General, Fire, CO2, Machinery, Steering, Telephone, Telegraph, and Auxiliary. Upon request, it can be refitted with any other required signal mark and audio tone. The auxiliary channel can be easily modified using 4 dip switches on top of the signal lamp. Users can choose from four blinking colors and four predefined acoustic patterns. ST-KS-1.A also allows users to adjust signal volume and frequency to avoid resonance with other equipment.

Technical Specifications

ST-KS-1.A operates on a 24VDC power supply within a safe range of 17-34V. It safeguards against overvoltage, automatically cutting power above 34V. Column driver inputs are optically isolated, compatible with 24VAC/DC or 230VAC inputs. During signaling, the controller enables power and initiates RS485 communication at 9800bps. Fail-safe operation activates segments after a 750ms timeout without data or with incorrect CRC. The DIN rail-mounted column driver, ST-SGKP-1.2, includes all alarm inputs, dip-switch-based configuration, and LED status indicators. PCBs are gold-plated and dip-varnished for protection.