Manual for Signalization Column Creator

Signalization Column Creator

The Signalization Column Creator consists of three main parts: a form for selecting column parameters, an area for choosing the appearance of signal lamps, and a summary. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the number of signal lamps from the dropdown list.
  2. Select the cable diameter from the dropdown list.
  3. (optional) Check the selection for a flashing light.
  4. (optional) Check the selection for an acoustic horn.
  5. (optional) Check the selection for a two-column layout. If selected:
    • Select the number of signal lamps for the left and right column from the dropdown lists.
    • (if an acoustic horn and/or flashing light is selected) Choose the arrangement from the dropdown list.
  6. Click the "Configure column" button.

After filling out the form correctly, an area for selecting the appearance of flashing light will appear. This area consists of a column visualization and dropdown lists (one for each selected signal lamp). Choose signal lamp configurations from the dropdown lists. After selecting all configurations, a summary will be displayed.

In the summary area, you will find an approximate cost of the column, its approximate dimensions, required cable gland, and the column code.

Once the configuration is completed, you can save the column. After clicking the "Save column" button, you will be redirected to the list of saved columns. Clicking on a column in this list will take you back to the creator, where you can modify the saved column. Remember to save changes after editing.

Ordering Column System Creator

In this creator, you can create signalization column systems for ordering. From the dropdown list, select one of the configured columns and then add it to the order using the "Add to system" button. It will then appear in the summary table for the order. After adding a column to the system, you can decrease or increase its quantity using the "-" and "+" buttons located in the table next to the quantity.

The total cost of the system and the number of required drivers are calculated automatically. If necessary, you can select a greater number of drivers than required. You can save the system, which will redirect you to the list of saved systems. You can also download the summary in PDF format.