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Marine electronic and automation service


  • Electric and electronic protection system of main and auxiliary engines
  • Main and auxiliary engines control systems
  • Generators synchronisation systems, repairs of electro-energetic systems
  • Electric and electronic controller governors of ME, gearbox and controlled pitch propeller automation
  • Alarm systems, engine room supervision and monitoring systems, their power supplies
  • Electric machines, axuxiliary engine room machinery (pumps, compressors, purifiers) - measurement of electrical equipment
  • Internal communication systems (telephones, intecoms, PA systems)
  • Fire detection systems, smoke detection, water mist
  • UPS, battery charging systems (start battery, emergency, GMDSS)
  • Power supply units for electronic, automation systems
  • Deck electric installations - lights, sound and alarm systems
  • ICCP, ICAF systems

Measurement, diagnostic, inspections


Automation systems and electronic devices diagnostic, technical consultancy, periodical measurements:

  • Electrical insulation and strength measurements, infractructure, electrical machinery LV and MV
  • Measurements and thermography inspections, complex inspections before vessel dry-docking, preparation of technical reports with indication of locations / equipment / switchgears requiring intervention
  • Localization of fault (earth-faults, short-circuits, low insulation) places in power supply and signal cables without the need for physical access to wires throughout the entire length
  • Analysis of energy quality in power systems, reactive power flow adjustment, transition states logging, AVR adjustments
  • Checking setpoints, calibrating indicators, pressure transducers, pressure switches, issuing calibration certificates
  • Checking setpoints, calibrating indicators, temperature transducers, temperature switches, issuing calibration certificates
  • Comprehensive tests and calibration of supervision and protection equipment for main and auxiliary engines, during shipyard repairs
  • Periodical maintenance of MV circuit breakers, MV generators protection devices
  • Air circuit breakers periodical maintenance, secondary injection tests using portable testers:

    - Schneider Electric
    - Telemecanique
    - ABB
    - Mitsubishi
  • Air circuit breakers periodical maintenance with laboratory equipment use, primary injection tests in workshop using 4000A current source

Systems design


Autimation systems and switchboards design, production:

  • Main LV switchboards with comprehensive formal service (design, documentation and construction approval, tests and workshop surveys, passing on board to Classifier representative and Crew)
  • Auxiliary, distribution and technology switchboards with comprehensive formal service (design, documentation and construction approval, tests and workshop surveys, passing on board to Classifier representative and Crew)
  • Monitoring and control systems for ER machinery, based on industrial computers and logic controllers
  • Control and supervision systems for main propulstion, auxiliary engines, power management (PMS)

Electronics repair and design


Repair of marine electronic devices and own production:

  • Main and auxiliary engines electronic systems (engine controllers, governors, PCB's of computed devices, transducers)
  • Element of monitoring and supervision systems of engine room machinery (CPU units, data aquisition cards, communication modules)
  • Industrial computers and logic controllers (mainboards repairs, data recovery from CF's, SSD and HDD, back-engineering)
  • Process regulators, (i.e PID, temperature, pressure, level)
  • Repair and reconstruction of damaged PCB's, obsolete devices replacements production
  • Own production od marine electronic devices with comprehensive enviroment, EMC, functional tests and final certification at Class Societies

Projects and conversions


Comprehensive handling of vessels electrical systems conversions:

  • Development of the concept and design of electrical and automation systems, based on the vessel Owners guidelines
  • Analysis and financial optimization of the project
  • Approval of documentation at the Classifier, conducting and supervising equipment production, execution of installation work on board
  • Trial run of equipment and mechanisms,passing to ordering party and crew, preparation and delivery of as-built documentation

Technical supply


Technical supply of vessels for ship electronics / automatics, electrical fittings:

  • Fleet maintenance - spare parts inventory for equipment in continuous use
  • Fast delivery of atypical orders, short delivery times for goods manufactured in the Far East
  • The choice of replacements or devices / components of better quality or more attractive compared to the original


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