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We provide comprehensive implementation of control systems for ships and industry. Our automation systems are manufactured in accordance with European standards, the current class rules, using proven and certified technology. Each of manufactured equipment is safe, goes insulation resistance measurements, strengthness tests, detailed functional tests.

We specialize in the design and implementation of automation systems on ships, especially in the case of devices withdrawn from production, no longer supported by their manufacturers or new installations. Our portfolio includes i.e:


Our production

  • Marine power plants systems

    • Production and modification of marine power systems
    • Installation of additional generator fields
    • Design and installation of power management systems (PMS)
    • Reconstruction, conversions of main switchboards

  • Control systems for generating sets

    • Control systems for generating sets on sea going vessels;

  • Automation systems for auxiliary equipment

    • Execution of pre-defined functions for the auxiliary machinery,
    • Level gauging systems,
    • Ballast and anti-heeling valves control.
    • Production of technological switchboards for specialized vessels, including fishing.

  • Power distribution switchboards

    Starters of auxiliary equipment, distribution systems, switchgears;

  • Protection and control systems for engines

    • Protection and control systems for main and auxiliary engines, splash oil systems;

  • Alarm systems

    • Exchange of central units of systems not supported by the manufacturer for own production systems, without interfering with other infrastructure (i.e data aquisition units);
    • Comprehensive design and implementation of complete ER monitoring systems

If you have any problems with spare parts, electronics, PCB boards - we are able to design and produce substitute or prepare identical replacements.


Stemor certyfikaty

  • STEMOR Jan Trzaska Spółka Komandytowa
  • ul. Władysława IV - 1, 70-651 Szczecin
  • NIP: 9552305363, KRS: 0000377844
  • tel:  +48 91 8101 258

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